The Uncool Movement

One of the things I hope to teach (and hope I AM teaching) Little P is self acceptance. It’s a hard thing to do these days, really, really, REALLY hard. Too many times I’ve caught myself about to say something negative about me (my body, my hair, yadda-yadda-yadda) and I’ve seen her standing beside me and I’ve had to stop talking. Because the only way she is going to be accepting of herself and all the wonderful little things that make her, her, is by seeing Momma being accepting of herself.

Recently a friend of mine posted on Instragram with a #wearealluncool. Which of course made me go to their page and what I found is that there’s a movement on the inter-webs right now, about encouraging acceptance, of yourself and others (about bleeding time too). The #wearealluncool movement has a simple mission:

“to make social media presence more genuine, realistic, and unfiltered — to be exactly who we are; to unify, to elevate, and to celebrate the things we usually hide.”

Their Tumblr and Instagram pages are full of pictures of people confiding why they feel they are ‘uncool’. These photos become open books to the lives of everyday people (and not so everyday people – there’s a good amount of celebs joining the movement), with each person confiding what it is that makes them, well, ‘uncool’.

The funniest thing though, is that when you read what they feel makes them uncool, 99.9% of the time it’s something that you do too, or know someone who does. Which really just prdr seussoves the point that they are trying to make, “Let’s stop apologizing for who we are, let’s stop living in fear of what others might think, and let’s start celebrating our differences. They might not be “cool”, but they make us, us.

That’s all. Pay it forward.”

So my friends, I encourage you to embrace your weirdness, your uniqueness, your ‘you-ness’. In the words of the incredible Dr. Seuss, ‘there is no one alive who is youer than you’.

Because after all, there’s only one you (since you know, cloning people isn’t a thing yet…right?). And if you are so inclined, join the movement – I did and it’s kind of liberating.

Till next time,



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