Nailed It – Glitter Headphones

It’s been a little while since I made something (other than a mess) and Little P has been asking me to decorate (okay, she didn’t use the word ‘decorate’ but you get the idea) something of hers for quite some time and I figured her boring black headphones where just the thing.

glitter headphones kids

Now there’s nothing wrong with these headphones (in fact they are kind of cool as we got them in Australia, which automatically makes them cooler), other than the fact that they are black (with a little white). But for a three year old, who is all about glitter and crowns and paint and pretty much anything that sticks, shines or makes noise, they were in fact really boring. And since we had a few hours to kill (had to stay home to wait for the garage door repair guy to turn up) I figured now was as good a time as any to get creating.

So, if you have some boring old headphones lying around and want to jazz them up – here’s the quick and messy but really fun way to do it.

You will need:
  • paint (I used the acrylic I had on hand as it’s ‘professional’ grade, whatever that means)
  • glitter (of course)
  • Mod Podge (to apply and seal the glitter)
  • an area that you can get glitter-y and that you aren’t going to freak out about if you find glitter on like ten months later
  • and of course headphones

(Now for me, the absolute best part about this, aside of course from doing it with Little P, was that this didn’t cost me a cent. Not one penny. As I had everything already on hand from previous crafts. Love a cost free craft, don’t you?)

And away we go.

Paint the headphones – we did both pink and purple as that’s what Little P wanted (pink first and then purple – she’s the creative director, I’m just the hired help) allowing them to dry in-between coats.

Now the fun part. Making sure you have something to tap the excess glitter onto (I used a catalogue, you know, cause who gets a newspaper these days?) and applying liberal amounts of Mod Podge, in sections, coat the headphones and then apply the glitter. Continuing all to cover the whole of the headband part of the headphones (not sure if that’s what it’s called, but it works for me)

*I do it in sections as the Mod Podge tends to dry quickly, especially when it’s 100 degrees outside, and it’s easier to manipulate the glitter if it’s in small sections.*

steps for headphone

Once you have covered it in glitter and tapped the excess away, seal it with another coat or three (it is glitter after all) of Mod Podge. I also spray a sealant over the top of anything I put glitter on – just helps to ensure the majority of it stays where it should and not on you, the furniture or the floor.

Allow to dry over night and ta-da, you have one set of very cool headphones. I think I’m going to add her DJ name onto it (which apparently is DJ Quivering Records – there’s an app for that. And it kind of makes sense, as I know M starts shaking anytime she goes near his records), but then again I might not. You just never know in this house.

DIY GlitterHeadphones
Me thinks she likes them

So till next time, may your headphones (and music) always sparkle.



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