From the Mouths of Mom’s

from the mouths of momsI’ve been wanting to do a series on what Mom’s really think about being a Mom for a while now, but with so many websites out there already doing it (and doing it well) it kind of seemed like a redundent thing to do. Especially since I wanted to avoid doing anything sugary-sweet, and I definitely wanted to stay away from the scary Mommy version. What I really wanted to achieve was something that really was from the mouths of Mom’s, without any censorship, something that was true to what being a Mom is like in the 21st century, but still keeping it light-hearted and funny. Not an easy task.

It took some time to work out the kind of questions that I wanted to ask, things that wouldn’t be super easy to answer (like ‘when you found out you were going to be a parent what was your first thought?’. BORING.), but that also wouldn’t require them to go into long, detailed life stories (cause who has time for that? Not that I didn’t want their life stories, cause I love you guys…). Finally I settled on about 10 that I felt would really get to the meat in the middle… so to speak.

Once I had the questions, I just needed the guinea pigs Moms.

So I reached out to some wonderful Mom’s I know and a few of them agreed to talk to me about being a parent.

During this relatively simple task, I discovered three things:

1. We really are more alike than not (no matter what the inter-webs tell you)
2. Kids, no matter how young or old they are, are genetically designed to drive their parents nuts. And
3. There is always someone out there with a story that’s way messier than yours. Always.

It was a super fun little experiment for me and I hope that over the next month or so you get a giggle or two out of the responses that these real life, everyday (but so much more than that) Mom’s gave me.

I know I certainly enjoyed talking to them. I’ll start posting them next week.

Till next time, if you can, go hug your Mom – she really deserves it.


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