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Mommy-ism #451: interpretation

Mommy-ism #451: Interpretation. That moment when you say to your child “we leave in five minutes. Please brush your teeth and put on your shoes.” And they hear “you have just enough time to create an epic battle between the princesses and superheroes and the evil stuffed animals to see who will win control over the Land of Bed. It will be an epic battle.”

battle of epic proportions

Five minutes go by and you come upstairs to find out why your wayward child has yet to come downstairs only to discover that they have not only NOT brushed their teeth or put on their shoes, but have pulled every doll, action figure and stuffed toy out of their toy boxes and are currently acting out the death scene of one of the aforementioned stuffed toys who are, and I quote “evil, bad guys and the good guys had to kill him so they could make sure all the people who live in the land are happy and good friends.’

And people wonder why we are always late to things.


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