Mommy-ism #429- School

Mommy-ism #429: School.

It’s that time of year again. Kids all over America are either just starting or getting geared up to start their school year. And parents all over the country are doing one of two things: trying hard not to cry as their offspring venture off into the world of learning…. OR trying really hard not to jump around and scream at the top of their lungs that thank God, they are going back to school.

I fall into the latter category.


And before you go jumping up on your soap box and tell me how harsh I’m being. Or inferring that I must not love spending time with my kid, let me set you straight. Firstly, I love Little P with all my heart. I love her so much that I just don’t think there are adequate words in the English language to convey it. And secondly, I adore spending time with her. I just love re-discovering this wonderful world through her eyes, But I’m ecstatic she’s heading off to school in two weeks. This is the next great adventure for her – and she’s ready (and excited) for it.

But I have friends who are just devastated that Little Jimmy is heading off to school (whatever will they do while he’s gone?). And these same friends can’t believe that both P and I are counting down the days till she starts Kindergarten.

‘Won’t you miss her?’
‘Don’t you care that this is a big step for her?’
‘What are you going to do while she’s at school?’

Yes, I will probably miss having her around, but honestly, the kid has been going to daycare for the last few years, so it’s not really going to be that much different.

Of course I care that this is a huge thing for her. But you know what? She’s so excited to be going to a ‘big kid school’. Not to mention all the new friends she will make and all the fun things she will do that, me being concerned about it isn’t going to change a thing.

As for what I’ll be doing while she’s gone? All the things I have been doing, except I’ll have more time to do them.

So while some of my friends will be anxiously waiting at home for their little bundles to be done with their school day, I’ll be popping champagne with some other friends and toasting to Little P and the fantastic journey she has begun. One that both M and I loved and hope she will too.

So let’s pop some bottles and celebrate!! or if you prefer, you can drink to make the time go quicker…


Your choice.

Till next time, cheers!!




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