A Moment of Reflection

champagne gold As 2014 was closing, I spent some time with a few friends talking about how the year had progressed and what the new one might have in store for us. As my girl friends were bemoaning their state of affairs (one is recently divorced; one is about to have baby number 5 – a total ‘oops’ baby; and one has decided that being eternally single – her words not mine – is okay) it made me pause for a moment of reflection.

While 2014 didn’t go as I had planned (do they ever?) it was still one pretty awesome journey. It took me a while to realize just how much we had done this year (praise the gods for digital photos) and just how lucky M, Little P and I really are.

We got to go to Australia for Little P’s 3rd birthday, where she had her first beach experience, got to meet her Da and cousins for the first time, got to fly on not one but 8 different airplanes (the kid is nothing if not well traveled) and has officially been to more places before starting school than I did by my 18th birthday. I was able to stop working full-time and go back to being a SAHM, not because I didn’t enjoy my job, but because it was preventing me from being the kind of Mom I wanted to be (my how things change). Because of this, Little P and I got to spend a good portion of the summer traveling with M while he worked – a week in NYC, and a week in LA; we got to attend two wonderful wadventures little girleddings, Little P got to see what a true ‘Fall’ looks like as we spent that in Syracuse with M’s family (apple picking, pumpkin picking, and all the fun Fall stuff occurred), multiple babies were born (at last count it was 12) and I got to attend the Mary Kay Seminar and walk across stage…. it was a pretty jam packed year.

But for all the good times, there were sad ones as well. Two friends became angels this year, four friends got divorced, one was hit by a drunk driver and is still trying to learn how to walk again…. and yet the people impacted most by these events still smile and embrace the future. And for that I’m blessed to know them.

While my girl friends mentioned above feel like 2014 has left a bad taste in their mouth, I for one, am happy it happened.

So 2015 I raise my glass to you. May whatever you have in store for us make us stronger, braver, and maybe a little wiser. May it encourage us to hug those close to us a little tighter, whisper ‘I love you’ a little more often and to truly appreciate what we have.

Till next time, in the immortal words of Wayne and Garth ‘party on’.


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