Kangaroo’s and Emu’s… and a Zonkey?

Yup, a Zonkey (it’s a hybrid of a Zebra and a Donkey) but it’s real. I swear.


zonkey roos n more
Told you – it’s a Zonkey!
M has been trying for quite some time to find a place to take Little P, that I hadn’t already taken her too. He thought he was on a winner taking her to Floyd Lamb Park, only to discover that she already knew all about the peacocks and geese and ducks there, due to us going there pretty regularly when I was at home (sorry babe). Recently, he had been talking with a friend of his about places to go, and when they mentioned that there was a zoo, just a little ways outside of Las Vegas called ‘Roo’s n More’, he got super excited. Finally, a fun adventure for for all of us.
So, with a little planning, some determination and directions on hand, off we went on our grand adventure.
Little P did surprisingly well for the amount of time we were in the car – about 45 minutes (she’s an active kid and wants to get where we are going at like, warp speed). However, when we got there, I think M and I were more excited about what we were going to see than her – Little P was far more interested in the dirt in the parking lot than going to see the animals.
But once we got inside, it was a different story. They have an awesome number of different creatures, from all over the world – hence the name ‘Roo’s and More’. The caretakers (I guess that’s what you call them) were knowledgeable, a lot of the animals were out in the open (Little P was just fascinated with the tortoise’s – especially the big guy that the little kids could actually get up and touch) and it’s just an awesome sight to behold.

little girl tortoise
Little P making friends – and yes, he’s missing a leg
animals roos n more
‘If you could talk with the animals…’
She was all about the ‘bouncy’s’ (aka kangaroo’s) and the ‘big birds (aka emu’s and ostriches). And we took the ‘Kangaroo Tour’ which was pretty cool – very similar to what the animal park at The Big Pineapple used to be like, you know, back in the day – so we got to get up close and personal with the kangaroos and even a sloth (seriously, a sloth. Who would have thought?).

kangaroo roos n more
Little P and M feeding the ‘bouncy bouncy’
It was awesome to see Little P not only saying the animals names, and being able to point them out (‘Look Mommy, zebra!’ and ‘llama, llama, llama’), but it was great to just watch her and M interact with them and spend some time together (she’s been a bit of a ‘Mommy’s girl’ lately).

zebra roos n more
‘What you looking at?’
So, if you are in Vegas, and haven’t gone yet, make the trek out there. You won’t be disappointed.
Oh, and did I mention they had MONKEYS!!! It’s totally worth it just to see them.
Seriously, go check them out.
Till next time,


16 thoughts on “Kangaroo’s and Emu’s… and a Zonkey?

  1. I have been dying to go there with hubs. Our crazy schedule and this annoying thing called money hasn’t made it easy. Glad you had so much fun!

  2. OMG I’ve been begging Mahal to take JAM and I to this place! I saw your title of Zonkey and just had to know what it was. I immediately thought of some hybrid monkey but a zebra and a donkey makes more sense ha.

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