Hippity hop, Easter’s on it’s way!

Over the weekend, we had an Easter Egg Hunt and Brunch for Little P and a few of her friends. The candy was plentiful, the food was tasty and the Mimosa’s were flowing (cause, you know, that’s how I roll).

‘I see it!’

So this week, instead of a ‘Nailed It’ post, I’m going to do something a little different and show you how we managed to pull of this little feat, considering I was out EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. leading up to it (not on purpose, I swear, it’s just kind of how it worked out), and let me tell you, I was one tired Momma by the end of it. But all the effort was so totally worth it.

First, I had to work out if I was going to theme it (there are way too many ideas on Pinterest for this), but in the end decided to keep it pretty simple. I used this bag topper, from the lovely ladies at eighteen25, got these great chevron goody bags from ‘Pick Your Plum‘, and my very talented friend Sierra, made bunnies for the kids to take home with them.

(excuse the quality and the backgrounds – I was running around
madly trying to get pic’s taken before everyone turned up)

Then it was a matter of deciding about the food. I went with a simple BBQ idea, as it was going to be early (everyone arrived around 10am) and our guests brought a side dish to go with the burgers, hot dogs and chicken that M had on the grill (which I of course neglected to pictures of).

‘Found another one!’

And of course, there were plenty of chocolate Easter eggs to go around (I think these were probably the biggest hit).

The hunt in progress

The kids had a blast finding the eggs, the grown-ups got to enjoy a little conversation, some tasty treats and a liquid libation or two.

At the end of it, the kids went home with their bunnies, goody bags and ‘Bunny Tails’ (and were probably a little wired from all the chocolate that was consumed while they were here), the grown-ups left with full tummies and happy little ones, and M, Little P and I all promptly went and had a nap.

Great printable from Dave’s Wife

Sounds like a pretty good day to me. What says you?

Till next time,


12 thoughts on “Hippity hop, Easter’s on it’s way!

  1. We always do BBQ for Easter, people think we’re weird but it’s our tradition and it’s easy. It looks like fun and sometimes simple is better since you’re not stressed.

  2. The easter bunnies you made are so cute! Procrastination at it’s finest I just went easter basket shopping for JAM yesterday to avoid the rush of the last minute weekend shoppers. Growing up we always had BBQs and egg hunts with the family (i’m the oldest of 15 grandkids) so it’s weird celebrating on our own since all of our family lives in Chicago. JAM has a ball though. A whole egg hunt and all the candy to himself 🙂

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