Give a Kid a Camera

Ever read the book ‘If You Give a Mouse a Cookie‘?

Well apparently the same thing happens when you give a 4 year old access to a camera. An actual camera. One with buttons and zooms and menu items even I have no clue as to what they do. An actual camera.

This is what happens:

little p photoshoot

They take photos. Lots and lots of photos. Lots of unflattering photos of Momma.

Photos of their feet.

little p photoshoot feet

Up close photos of things that takes you a moment to realize what it was that they took a photo of.

Photos of their toys (in sometimes compromising positions – unintentionally of course), and their art stuff (and the art) and their clothes and well, pretty much anything that doesn’t run away from them.

And because you want to encourage this artistic side of your child, you say things like ‘wow that’s a great shot’, or ‘I really like that picture’, or ‘um, what’s that?’. And because of the encouragement, they take yet more photos with the camera.

And then they start ask for things. Things like:

‘Can we go to the park so I can take photos of trees and birds?’

‘Can we go to the mountain so I can take photos?’

‘Can we go to Daddy’s restaurant so I can take photos of that?’

little p perspective

But the beauty of a digital camera is that there is a delete button. Let me tell you, that little trash can icon gets a work out. Any pictures of this Momma (or anything slightly inappropriate like a photo of dog poop) gets trashed.

And thankfully, Little P has yet to notice those particular pictures are gone. Will it always be this simple? Nope. But I’d like to think that as she gets older, and if she continues to want to take pictures, that her lens will focus more on nature and all its beauty than on her Momma in her PJ’s.

One can hope.

Till next time, say ‘cheese’.


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