Friends are like Wine

friends are like wine

It’s a simple fact – friends are like wine.

There’s no deep philosophical thinking behind this – people, much like wine can either enhance your life, or they leave a really bad after taste in your mouth.

And over the many years that I have had both friends and wine in my life, I have found find that friends, just like wine tend to fall into three very distinct and different categories:

‘Two-buck Chuck’, ‘Right here, Right now’ and ‘Tried and True’.

Two-buck Chuck

This is the person (much like the wine) that is great at parties because they are up for anything, easy to get and pretty much get along with everyone. But this person (much like the wine) will leave you hung-over and feeling sorry for yourself the next day, usually thinking ‘why did I do that?’

Right here, Right now

This person (again, much like the wine) is what I like to call the ‘immediate fill-in friend’. Typically they are someone you met through a friend of a friend of a friend and hit it off right away. They were great company at all of the events you went to that year, but much like the wine, they just don’t do it for you anymore. Maybe you’ve grown, and you now find that their antics and conversation don’t ring true. Or maybe, just like the wine, their time had come and it’s time to move on.

Tried and True

These friends are the ones you’ve had for what seems like a lifetime, but in some cases you may have only know them for the last couple of years. They are the ones that no matter what time of the day or night, when you call them, they are there for you. You may not see or even talk to them for extended periods of time, but when you do, you can pick right up from where you left off without skipping a beat. They never leave you hanging, are there to celebrate with you during your times of triumph and support you through your darkest hours. They have been there for some of the biggest moments of your life and you know that they will never, ever let you down. These friends, much like the wine, definitely get better with age.

Friendships, just like the making of wine, can be cultivated quickly or they can mature over a long period of time. And like wine, there will be bad ones. The trick is to never let the bad ones ruin your palette for the good ones..

So, till next time, may your glass always be full.





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