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I know that I normally post a craft (or most recently, a failed attempt at cooking) on Thursday’s, but this past week and a half has taken all the oomph out of this Momma. Which means I have quite literally done nothing in the crafty arena for over a week (I know, I’m suffering withdrawals big time. AND I just got a Silhouette Portrait that I have yet to use – ugh!). So today, I’m going to do something a little different – I’m going to share with you some of my favorite Mom Quotes. I hope they make you smile as much as my failed ‘chocolate chip cookie dough dip‘ did (and I know you laughed at that epic failure, don’t deny it).

mom quotes

‘Good Moms’ comes from Daily Picks and Flicks; ‘One-handed’ comes from Jumblzar‘When I was Little’ comes from Quotes Valley; and ‘Bette Davis’ comes from Obstacol.

Those four are great – I particularly love the Bette Davis quote. You can find all of these on my ‘Memorable Quotes’ board on Pinterest. But without a doubt this one is my absolute favorite quote from Jen Hatmaker:

cherish the moments

So, while I haven’t been able to dazzle you with my creative talents this week, I’m hoping you enjoyed this little foray into Motherhood via some pretty awesome quotes.

And if the wind is blowing the right way, and the gods are willing, next Thursday I will have a fun little craft that the munchkin and I are going to attempt this weekend.

Till then, “may your coffee cup always be full (and hot), the chocolate chip cookies be warm and gooey and may the winds of good fortune continue to blow your way” .

(yeah, I don’t know where that came from. Blaming it on the lack of caffeine that I have consumed today….yup, that works).


4 thoughts on “Favorite Mom Quotes

  1. I love Bette Davis. She is hilarious. And speaks the truth. I had to learn that when my kids tell me that they hate me, that it doesn’t mean that they really hate me. Just means I’m doing my job right.

  2. I am not going to give you “Favorite Mom (or in Australia we say Mum) quote but a daughter quote. At 4years of age, (Kelly) packed her port (suitcase) and going out the door, (to quote , find a better mum and dad) one daughter, after an hour of sitting on the verahda (porch) knocked on the door when answered by her Mum, made the statement ” I have decided to give you, mum and dad, another chance”. walked inside. unpacked her port. and carried on as nothing had happened. Ain’t it grand to be a parent, life continues, and Kelly, you are not a bad cook, you just prefer to
    choose to have someone else to do it. XXXX from across the ocean

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