Demons be gone!

There are times when your little angel acts, well, less like an angel and more like the spawn of a certain fallen angel – and no bribes, promises or shiny new toys will get them to snap out of that mood.

Fortunately, Little P has only had a couple of these episodes, and for the most part, they are mostly due to her just being over tired.

However, I know of a couple of little ones whose recent behavior has essentially made them card carrying members of the dark side.

They aren’t ‘evil’ per se more just difficult (diabolical, cunning and just plan nasty have been words used to describe them, but lets stick with ‘difficult’). One little guy has decided that going to bed a night needs to be a two hour sporting event that includes everything from jumping off couches and getting an ‘owwie’ (which then of course needs to have ice put on it, and a ‘Spongebob’ bandaid, to prevent a monumental crying fit) to his version of sychronized swimming (this usually entails a bathroom floor covered in water, bubbles, a variety of ‘bath animals’ and one very wet Mommy), to performing death defying feats of acrobratic prowess to avoid actually getting into his bed. By the time he finally goes to sleep, the house looks like it just went through an internal hurricane, his mother is contemplating getting therapy and the clean up begins.

She swears he wasn’t always like this. That it was like a switch got flipped one day, and her normally compliant little boy who loved to snuggle and then go to bed, just disappeared and this little imp took his place.

And we all know ‘it’s just a phase‘ right? Yeah. Whatever. Tell that to my friend whose teenager (that right, she’s 13) puts on a whole performance when it comes time to go to bed. And this kid’s bedtime is 9pm! Are you freaking kidding me! I had an 8pm bedtime right up till I was 16. Sure, I didn’t actually go to sleep, normally I spent another two hours reading, but still, I wasn’t pitching a fit about having to go to bed.

I guess it just comes down to the very simple fact that every child is different. Some kids lurve sleep, while others treat it like it’s a form of cruel and unusual punishment.

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