B is for ‘bully’

b is for bully

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that every where you go and through every phase of life, there will be a bully.

When you are an adult they may not be as prominent or as noticeable as they were when you were little but trust me, they are still around. It could be a neighbor who likes to throw their weight around or a boss who feels that it’s better to rule with fear than respect – either way, you know who they are, but more importantly you know how to deal with them.

When it comes to little kids, it can be harder. Not only to define who the bully is and why what they are doing is wrong, but to also help get them past it.

This past week, we found out that Little P had a bully in her class (we will call her Miss J). This shocked me as her class mates are always so friendly and together as a group. I was picking her up from school when I saw her get hit by Miss J. Now let me tell you, the Mama Bear in me was ready to go to my childs aid without any thought whatsoever. I needn’t have worried – Little P had it totally under control. After she had been hit by her friend, and the tears had subsided, Little P went over to Miss J and said ‘I don’t like when you do that. It’s not nice.’

Now firstly, major props to her teacher as she’s the one who has instilled in her class that when someone does something that you don’t like or they hurt you, that you don’t hit or yell, you tell them you don’t like what they did and they need to stop it. But man, having my 2 and 1/2 year old dealing with that kind of situation much better than most adults I know just blew me away.

I’m happy to report that Little P and Miss J are once again best friends and we have no more tears or discussions about not wanting to go to school because ‘Miss J is a bad girl’. And while it was an unfortunate incident, it has given me the confidence that my baby girl is going to be able to handle just about anything that comes her way – with utmost grace and aplomb.

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