6 Quotes to Get Your Butt Into Gear

It happens to the most organized, prepared and devoted of us – we wake up one day and have no motivation.

Nope. None. Zip. Zero. NADA.

I don’t care how fit, wealthy, successful, well-known or accomplished you are, we’ve all hit that point when we just can’t go any further. Full stop. Done. And I, for one, need more than just a pep talk from my bestie or my folks to get going again. Sometimes the greatest push comes from within. The desire, nay, the NEED, to pick yourself up and continue has to come from you.

Having said that, for those days when you need a little extra motivation I’ve selected my 6 favorite quotes from around the web that help get me up and going… and I hope they do the same for you.

don't be afraid to fail

It’s incredible but sometimes the only thing stopping us from grabbing the proverbial bull by the horns is the fear of being impaled by those horns (okay, maybe that wasn’t the best analogy to use). Fear of failing can be crippling. It can stop the strongest person from achieving their greatness. But like it says, don’t fear failing, fear not starting. You never know what you can achieve unless you take that first step.

One thing every day

Ah Eleanor Roosevelt – she was one tough chick. This one came from TheStir.CafeMom.com which is a great site, although it has soooo much going on, that it can be a little overwhelming to find what you were looking for. But if you have like two hours to waste, it’s a good site for doing that.

river cuts through rock

This site has some really great quotes (and some pretty awesome images), particularly if you like words of wisdom from people of a famous nature (Like Will Smith, Drake etc.). Some of them do contain profanity so if that offends, maybe skip this site.

the future can be better

This site has a bunch of great quotes – this one just happened to speak to me. Sometimes we just need to remember why we wanted to change things in the first place.

your competition

This one comes from a running site (which is kind of funny since the only time you will ever see me running is if I’m being chased by Zombies… or Killer Clowns from Outer Space) and there’s a lot of running type things on it, so if that juices you read on. If not just enjoy the quote.

steve martin

And this one comes from Etsy.com (another one of my favorite places to kill time on – so many things to look at, so little time). This is one of my absolute favorites – not sure if it’s technically one that would be considered ‘motivational’ in the true sense of the word, but I love it.

So there you have it. A little inspiration to get your butt into gear for those days when you really need it. Print them out, save them as wallpaper on your phone or tablet, or just keep them on hand to get you moving on those days when you really need it.

Till next time…… here’s a screaming goat for you. Because, well, why not?


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