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5 Instagram Accounts You Need to Check Out

instagramIn this insane social media crazy world that we all now live in (and I just need to quote a friend of mine {cause it’s frigging funny}, who is very much not into social media in anyway  – ‘what’s with the tweeting and the poking, and the liking and the hash browning?’), it’s really easy to get overwhelmed with all the great – and not so great – accounts to follow.

I’m not big on the celebrity ones, cause, well, it ain’t my thang, and if it’s yours, cool, but I would rather see what some random dude in Oklahoma is doing on Instagram or what some crazy cat lady in Arkansas is posting on Twitter, than follow one of the Kardashian’s (and I totally had to Google how to spell that), but again, that’s just me.

Recently I had a friend tell me to check out @peetjet (trust me, just check it out), which in turn lead me to @darrylljones (the adventures of Eric, a Stormtrooper – and all his other little friends) and to @yoyoha (cause it’s not a blog post till I include at least one reference to coffee and what he draws on a certain company’s coffee cups is great).

And since I lost like two hours of my life jumping around on the net checking out different accounts, I’m giving you the chance to do the same (insert evil laugh right here). So here you go, my new favorite Instagram accounts to follow (not including the ones above, cause, you know, that would bring the total to eight)…. so you too can waste mere hours of your day checking them out.

5 Instagram accounts to check out

5 instagram accounts
(from left to right, @caseyneistat; @fromwhereidrone; @meganhess_official; @bydawnnicole and @iloveplaymo)


M got me into watching Casey on Youtube (check out his channel here), which in turn got me following him on the ‘gram’. It’s hard not to like someone who loves NYC as much as we do and his photos of the city, his adventures and his family are whimsical and just plan happy.


The guy behind this takes drone images to the next level.


I came across Megan’s site accidentally a year ago and I have followed her since. Her art, the color palette she uses, where she travels too, not to mention her fondness for coffee (AND the fact that she’s an Aussie) just makes her account worth following.


I started following Dawn via her blog last year and only recently starting following her on Instagram. I adore her hand lettering and the way she uses her art to express her life. She also has second account that is more about her daily life (hence it being called @dawnnicoledaily ). Girl has a serious thing for coffee and macarons…


I never had these as a kid but the photos are all kinds of cool, actually I think these toys have more fun than most adults I know.

Honorable mentions:

@coffeenclothes – well because, it’s coffee AND clothes.
@freddieharrel – cool account from a fashion blogger that just’s plain fun – she’s smiling in every photo.
@jermzlee – because pugs.

So, I hope that killed some time for you at work….

Till next time,



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