5 Favorite Ways to Decorate a Candle

I heart candles. I do – always have. Although not always for the wonderful, smelly goodness they provide. Sometimes it’s just because they are a quick and easy way to update a room. And you don’t have to drop a bundle to get some great looking candles, you can do it yourself – for cheap, if not free.

So, without further ado, I give you my 5 favorite ways to decorate a candle.

5 ways to decorate a candle


No.1 – Stencils.

stenciled candle

Quick, easy and relatively painless (unless you do what I did and essentially burn your hand while trying to rinse off the stencil under hot water). All you need for this one is a stencil, paint, and a candle (and of course a paint brush, although I did use my fingers on this one, just to get into all the little nooks and crannies).

No.2 – Baker’s Twine.

bakers twine candle
Ignore the photography on these – I was dealing with the great Glitter Fiasco of 2013 while taking them (that’s a whole other blog post)

Have I told you how much I adore Baker’s Twine? Love, love, love the stuff. And not just because it ties up brown paper packages (it’s really good at that), but also because it is a really simple and relatively inexpensive way to decorate not just candles, but anything really. And I get mine from good old Amazon.com. This way takes a little more time and a tad bit more patience, but the effect is totally worth it. Just grab some Baker’s Twine, a hot glue gun (or a really strong craft glue will work too) and have at it. I only did the middle on this one, but I’ve covered one entirely before. Personally, I prefer the ‘less is more’ version but you can go either way with this one.

No. 3 – GLITTER!!

glitter candle

Yup, you know I couldn’t do one without glitter. Granted, this way is messy (and by messy, I mean really, really messy. I’d wear old clothes, put down lots of newspaper and switch off any fans). To do this one, you need glitter (naturally), Mod Podge or a similar type of glue, a brush to apply the Mod Podge and either a paper plate to put the glitter in (and then roll the Mod Podge covered candle around in it) or a large bowl where you can basically just dump the glitter onto the Mod Podge covered candle and then just collect all the excess in the bowl. I do recommend spraying it with a sealant once you have brushed off the excess glitter – just helps stop the glitter from going everywhere.

No. 4 – Washi Tape.

washi tape candle

Ah, you knew that was coming didn’t you? That’s right Washi Tape. You’ve already seen the one’s I did for the 4th of July, but you can do pretty much any kind of pattern you like. Stripes, polka dots, bands of solid colors… I like the chevron look of these ones. And again, you can use as much Washi Tape or as little as you like. Just slap on the Washi and you are good to go.

No. 5 – Painting.

painted candle

You can choose to paint an image, just dip the base in paint, do stripes, dots, swirls, whatever takes your fancy. I just used basic Acrylic’s on this one. Take a candle, a brush, color (or colors) of your choice and away you go.

See? Really simple easy ways to add either a little pop of color to a room, or to really theme it out. Just remember to use these for decor only. I do not (repeat DO NOT) recommend lighting these ones. You just don’t know how the heated wax or a just the heat from the burning wick will react with any of these products. And always leave at least a 1/2 inch gap from the top of the candle to where you want to start. Just safer that way.

So, grab some candles and go get decorating. And if you do one (or ten) send me a picture – would love to see how they turned out.

Till next time – go get crafty.


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