Monday Motivation – Fitness Fairy

Some days you can get up and get going without any problems.

Other days, well, those are the days when you need a good kick in the butt to get going. Or maybe you just need a visit from the Fitness Fairy.

She’s real, right?

Motivation dust

Cause if anything can get you going, it’s a good old dose of ‘motivation dust’ from the Fitness Fairy.

Works for me.

Till next time, go on, get your butt into gear (remember, that stuff is expensive).


Mommy-ism #45: interpretation

Mommy-ism #451: Interpretation. That moment when you say to your child “we leave in five minutes. Please brush your teeth and put on your shoes.” And they hear “you have just enough time to create an epic battle between the princesses and superheroes and the evil stuffed animals to see who will win control over the Land of Bed. It will be an epic battle.”

battle of epic proportions

Five minutes go by and you come upstairs to find out why your wayward child has yet to come downstairs only to discover that they have not only NOT brushed their teeth or put on their shoes, but have pulled every doll, action figure and stuffed toy out of their toy boxes and are currently acting out the death scene of one of the aforementioned stuffed toys who are, and I quote “evil, bad guys and the good guys had to kill him so they could make sure all the people who live in the land are happy and good friends.’

And people wonder why we are always late to things.


Monday Motivation

I’m a big fan of images that provide inspiration to get up and going… Sometimes they are serious, like this one from City Bicycle Company:

one who falls

And sometimes they just make me giggle and give me the extra boost to get started, like this one I found on Buzzfeed :

pink starburst

But there are days when no matter how funny or motivational these images may be, there is very little that will get my butt moving – and not even the extra large coffee helps.

And that’s okay.

Human beings aren’t made to be gun-ho ALL OF THE TIME. It’s exhausting.

It’s like being the positive one in your group. If you are the one who has to always find the silver lining, or be the one to crack a joke to ease the tension, it can wear you out.

No one is happy all the time (except Elmo – and you can’t trust someone who is happy all the time) it’s just not natural. And being motivated all the time is kind of the same thing.

It doesn’t matter if it’s motivation to work out every day, to get the job you want, finish school, reach a monetary goal or whatever, only you know what pushes that specific button, to get you up off your butt and out the door.

But somedays you just want to look at anyone who tells you that you ‘just need motivation’ and punch them in the throat.

(okay, so maybe that’s a little drastic, but you get the idea)

So in an attempt to not only give me an extra boost at the beginning of each week, cause let’s face it, Monday’s can be hard sometimes, I’m going to put a little Monday Motivation out there for you. And if it makes you want to get up and get down with your bad self, than fantastic. And if it makes you want to reach through the computer and slap me, well, that’s okay too (since, like wormholes haven’t been fully tested yet, so I don’t have to worry about random slaps coming through the screen at me…).

So here’s to grabbing the proverbial bull by the horns and reaching those lofty goals.

Till next time,

you got hot


Look Out World

Little P graduates Pre-K this week. That’s graduating from what is essentially Pre-school; I don’t remember getting to have a party for surviving pre-school, but whatever. It’s the done thing over here so we are getting ready for this celebration.

little but fierce

I guess in a way it signifies her going from being a ‘little kid’ to being a ‘big kid’, which again, makes zero sense to me – but who am I to question this process? I’ve lived in the States almost 15 years now and I STILL don’t get the schooling system over here. Elementary, Middle, Junior High, High School – I mean seriously, how many different types of schools can one kid go to?

But, I digress.

With the munchkin graduating, my mind has been moving to the future, and in turn, I’ve been talking to P about what she thinks the future will hold for her.

Now granted, at the ripe old age of 5, her idea of being grown-up is a wee bit different than say, mine, but it’s encouraging (and entertaining) none the less. She has decided that she wants to be an astronaut… but before that, she wants to spend some time being a ballerina (and quite possibly a super hero, but that depends on when her superpowers turn up – of course). She would also like to spend a few years being a ‘fast car driving person’ (I’m assuming that means a race car driver, but it could just as easily be a representation of her Momma’s driving skills….) and wants to learn how to surf and be an artist.

If Barbie can have 113 different careers, why can't Little P have 6?

If Barbie can have 113 different careers, why can’t Little P have 6?

And I think this is all kinds of awesome. But I also worry for her. I worry that her passion for multiple things will be ‘talked’ out of her by the time she’s ten. That the fact she wants to be and do so many things is going to cause grown-ups around her to say things like ‘oh, that’s cute. But you can only do ONE of those things.’ And if she hears it often enough, I worry that she will start to believe it, and a little part of her will die along with all those dreams.

Why do we have to have just ONE thing to be good at?

I realize it’s a common societal thing, but that doesn’t make it right. Heck, I’ve had a multitude of jobs, and personally, I like to think I was damn good at every single one of them (I’ve never been fired, so that must say something, right?). But I don’t think having so many different careers is necessarily a bad thing.

Why do we feel the need to squash anyone’s dreams of being not only great, but great at many things?

While I was pondering this, I happened to come across this TED talk by Emilie Wapnick: ‘Why Some of Us Don’t Have One True Calling‘ (which if you have 15 minutes I recommend watching), and it totally makes sense to me. I know that 30 years ago, you picked a career and that’s what you did for the rest of your life, but these days, with so many ways to learn skills and having ability to explore other career options time and time again, right up till you retire, why would you settle for just one thing?

Personally, I hope that Little P does become a race-car driving, dancing artist, who also happens to like getting in a few good waves before heading off onto her next space jaunt (using her heretofore undefined superpowers to help her pilot her space ship, naturally).

So look out world, Little P is coming for you.

Till next time, dream big my friends.


Monday Motivation

Some weeks you need a little more of a kick in the butt than others. And regardless of whether you have a normal Monday – Friday gig or your Monday is actually a Wednesday, we all have ‘Mondays’ when we hit the snooze button one too many times and then spend the rest of the day playing catch-up.

getting it done

This one I actually have printed out and in my office. Love the water colors. (find it here)

And ain’t nobody got time for that.

I will be the first to admit that mornings and I have never been on good talking terms – we have just decided to not like each other and go on with our lives. Having said that, I do still need to actually get up and get my day started, AND then I actually need to do stuff.

And sometimes the ‘doing’ is the hardest part.

But if I have some sort of inspirational do-dad (that’s a technical term by the way), whether it’s something on my wall in the office, on my gadgets (big fan of wallpapers), or the book I’m reading, that gives me the motivation I need on those days when I’m less than motivated, I’ll take it anyway I can (think of it as ‘intellectual’ coffee, coffee for the brain, but without the actual coffee…. on second thoughts, forget that, coffee is coffee. Don’t mess with the coffee).

So to help you on those days when you would rather just hit the snooze button one…. more…. time, here’s a few of my favorites that help me reach that proverbial get up and go…. to get up and get going.

strong enough

This one came from an awesome site. If you need more inspiration to kick butt go here.

failure and success

Love this one – you can find it (and a few others) here.


Disney… a great motivator that one. Unfortunately I had trouble locating the original source of this one. So if anyone comes across the original please let me know so I can give credit.

And this last one I think just says it all…

lost excuses

Funny how the excuses we tell ourselves stop us from achieving that which we really want. Source.

Till next time – up and at ’em.



(and just so you know, I had this post planned for about three – that’s right three – weeks. It took me till tonight {Sunday} to get my motivation to do it – hence the new print in my office… funny how that works)